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Taipei Historical Maps combines maps and photographs recorded between 1895 and 1974, and integrates them into present-day Taipei using Google Maps and Street View. Equipped with geographical location referencing, the app allows users to transcend history to see how Taipei has changed over time with the help of maps and photographs.

The Center for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) of the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (RCHSS), Academia Sinica, has provided ten different street maps of Taipei dating from various time periods. All of the maps depict a general view of the area inside the city wall, Mengjia (Bangka) (present-day Wanhua District), and Dadaocheng. Other contributions include 131 old photographs from the collections of the Institute of Taiwan History at Academia Sinica, the National Diet Library of Japan, and Sunnygate Phototimes.

Taipei Historical Maps
Taipei Historical Maps
Taipei Historical Maps

Disclaimer: 1. The maps provided are for reference purposes only; geographical accuracy is not guaranteed. The GIS is not responsible for any liabilities incurred by the use of this app. 2. The Google Maps and Street View functions may require an internet connection.

Information Collecting Units

Center for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (RCHSS), Academia Sinica

In recent years, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have proven to be a useful research tool in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Academia Sinica's Research Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences established its own GIS center in 2006 to gather and integrate large quantities of digital resources, including maps from different eras, aerial photographs, satellite images, and statistical data. The center has applied GIS technology to these resources to create a series of databases and systems for academic use, such as Taiwan Historical Maps in the Last One Hundred Years website , the Integrated Map Search System, Taiwan History and Culture in Time and Space (THCTS), Chinese Civilization in Time and Space (CCTS), Culture Resources Geographic Information System, and Map Exhibition - Statistical Geographic Information System. These tools, and the rich research materials that they contain, are assets for researchers in the humanities and social sciences and local history and culture. For more information, please visit the website of the Center for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (RCHSS), Academia Sinica.

Institute of Taiwan History at Academia Sinica

Academia Sinica's Institute of Taiwan History was first proposed in 1993 to continue the work of the Taiwan Historical Field Research Program, gathering historical documents and materials. After its official opening in 2004, it participated in several digitization programs, creating digital databases of rare literary and historical sources, including ancient Chinese classics, government documents, biographical materials, and images. The photographs presented in this app are from the Taiwan Rare Book Collections Database, created by the Institute of Taiwan History.

The Library of the National Diet of Japan

Japan's National Diet Library is a department of the National Diet, responsible for providing the Diet with information. It possesses copies of all books published in Japan. In 1998, it began to digitize its Meiji-era map collection, and after securing copyright, made the maps available on the Internet. Subsequently, it expanded its digitization efforts to maps and publications from the Taishō period. The photographs presented in this app are from the National Diet Library Digital Collections, created by the National Diet Library.

Sunnygate Phototimes

Sunnygate Phototimes collects rare photographs and negatives taken by early Taiwanese photographers and photography studios, then digitizes the images, creates a record for each, and publishes them on the Taiwan Digital Archives website. The collection contains photographs from both the pre- and post-war period, providing a decades-long visual record of local conditions across Taiwan and a true representation of the lives of ordinary Taiwanese people. The photographs presented in this app are from the Insight Taiwan and private family collections.